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Pre-Order ends August 31

2016 custom riding gear pre-order ends Monday, August 31.

Click on the link at the end of the message for the order site.

Items of note:

  • The deadline to pre-order & get the discounted pricing is 8/31/15.
  • All pre-order sales prices have been discounted 20%
  • All artwork can be found on the order site by clicking on the 'View Product Graphics' link in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The ship to home option is good only for the continental USA.
  • We need 35 orders of the cap to move forward with that item.
  • If an item does not have the minimum order number to proceed with production, Castelli will refund your money.

This year we will offer (both men's and women's options are available):

  • Long Sleeve Jersey
  • Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Bib Shorts

Unisex options:

  • Caps
  • Arm warmers

Click here for Order Site

Ride Specialized Bikes And Accessories!

BMC: Epic Bikes For Epic Rides!

BMC makes great mountain bicycles!

If you're dreaming of high mountains, pristine valleys and long miles, on either the road or on dirt,  we've got the perfect BMC bicycle for you! Light, efficient and fast, each BMC incorporates advanced designs and materials for a premium ride experience.
Come take a spin and see what BMC can do for you!

Cervelo Bicycles Take You Further Faster!

A Cervélo bicycle is your ticket to the top! Get yours at Cycology Bike Shop

Wherever and however you ride, Cervelo's fantastic bicycles excel. Every Cervelo features state-of-the-art materials and top-tech engineering for incredible performance. And many models feature advanced aerodynamics for maximum free speed and energy savings. Stop by Cycology Bike Shop, check out our full Cervelo selection and take home the ultimate road machine!

Raleigh Bicycles Are Made For Adventure!

Begin your adventure on a Raleigh bicycle! Get yours at Cycology Bike shop!

Raleigh has been bringing cyclists adventure and fun for well over a century. Rich with history, style and craftsmanship, you'll find a Raleigh to fit your cycling style. From amazing road and mountain bikes to city and kids' bicycles, we've got a Raleigh for you!

Kona Bikes Know How To Go Big!

Log some sweet air time with a Kona!
Stomp the biggest lines on one of Kona's amazing freeride rigs. From gravity-hungry downhill rigs to race-winning cross-country rockets, Kona makes the perfect bicycle for your passion. Come by soon and check out Cycology Bike Shops sweet selection!

Today's Tip

Be Safe! Ride Defensively At Intersections - When you're riding in traffic, it can be tempting to pass cars on the right while they're stopped at a light so you can get to the front of the line. Usually, however, it's safer to remain behind the last car in line as you approach the intersection. Why? Because, if the light turns green while you're passing, cars turning right (many drivers forget to use their signals) may turn into you (they're not expecting you to be there). There's also the possibility an inattentive passenger may open a door into you as you're riding by. Finally, believe it or not, there are dangerous drivers out there who get irritated at having to pass you again and decide not to give you as much room the second time they pass. It's not right, but it happens, and you can avoid the hassle by riding defensively. Also, always wear a helmet and remain alert to what the traffic around you is doing.


Feature Items

Saris Bones 3-Bike
Saris Bones 3-Bike
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (4 Reviews)
Look Keo 2 Max
Look Keo 2 Max
Product Rating
2.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)
Cervelo P2 (105)
Cervelo P2 (105) - 2014
Look Keo Classic
Look Keo Classic
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (3 Reviews)
Saris Bones 2-Bike
Saris Bones 2-Bike
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (4 Reviews)