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Fit Services

Professional Bike Fitting Makes All the Difference

What is a Bike Fit?

Bicycles are intricate pieces of equipment.  Engineers from aeronautics, materials, and biomechanics work together to make bicycles that are continually lighter, faster and stronger.  But the bottom line is that your ability to ride a bicycle efficiently is based in large part on how well the bike fits you. Cycology Bike Shop bicycle fitters have been professionally trained and have thousands of fits to their credit.

The fit process begins with a physical assessment of the rider and a discussion of the goals for the bicycle.  Once the fit begins, incremental changes are made by the fitter to put the rider in the ideal position based on flexibility, strength, and comfort level.

The rider spends anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours on their bike, riding inside on a bicycle trainer while the fitter reviews, makes changes, and reviews again – as many times as needed to get the fit perfect.  This time is an opportunity for the fitter to instruct the rider on proper posture, pedal skills and learning the intricacies of being on a bike.

Cycology Bike Shop has a wide selection of handlebars, stems and saddles to help make your existing or new bike fit perfectly.  Fittings are scheduled by appointment only with one of our experienced fitters, and are guaranteed for 60 days.

Fitting Services

Cleat Fitting
The cleat fitting assures proper placement of the cleat fore/aft and allows optimal float/rotation of the foot in the pedal.  The cleat is the only way to control how the ankle, knee and hip track and is directly related to the fit of the rest of the bike.  Anyone who clips into any type of bike can benefit from this service.

Requires approximately 30-45 minutes
• $50 for a customer with existing shoes & pedals
• $30 for a customer buying shoes and/or pedals
• FREE to transfer cleat position onto a new pair of shoes purchased from us

Baseline Fitting
Riding a bike should NOT be uncomfortable.  Cycology Bike Shop fitters work in collaboration with the rider to put them in the optimal position on the bike.  This includes seat position, cockpit length and height and cleat setup.

Requires 45-60 minutes and includes setting up the cleats and all aspects of the bike  
• $150 for a customer with an existing bike. 
• FREE for a customer buying a road bike with shoes & pedals

Specialized Body Geometry Fit
Our fitter collaborates with the rider to create a position that is a balance between comfort, power and aerodynamics.  Analyzing proper body angles to establish both power and comfort benchmarks to build a bullet-like position. This includes a detailed interview, detailed flexibility assessment, detailed physical assessment, cleat placement/alignment, saddle selection, saddle height and fore/aft positioning, bar width/reach, and stem length/rise.

Requires 2-3 hours and includes cleat setup
• $250 for a customer with existing bike
• FREE for a customer buying a bike from us

Notes: Fittings are done by appointment, however, if our schedule allows we might be able to do at the time of your purchase.  Please be sure to bring cycling or triathlon clothing that is tight, yet comfortable.  The rider will be pedaling on a trainer and will be exerting energy to make sure that the fit is dynamic and as realistic to the outside world as possible.  Fittings can take more than the allotted time, please keep this in mind when scheduling an appointment with a Cycology Bike Shop fitter.

About the Fitter

Mike Harris has accreditations from the original Fit Kit, Pro-fit, Serotta, Trek, Raleigh, and Specialized Body Geometry Fit schools. He's been fitting riders of all ages and riding experience for over 15 years.