Catrike Accessories

To recline is divine, so sit back and relax…you’re going to enjoy the ride! 


From ear to ear, for each and every hour you sit on the trike, you just smile and enjoy the experience. Recumbent's are ergonomically designed for comfort, suiting most body types. Gear changes are easier with better stability providing greater confidence to the rider. It gives a smooth, sleek ride that has no learning curve and offers you more. These beautiful machines are fun for anyone and everyone interested in getting outdoors and pedaling your way to happiness. If you haven’t tried one yet you are certainly missing out.

Cycology Bike Shop Staff is ready and excited to answer all your questions and set up for a test ride!


Cycology Bike Shop is fully equipped to handle any and all of your maintenance needs.

From custom wheel building, cabling, componentry to Ebike Systems Conversions!



Do you have a special need? Come by and talk to our certified technicians about adapting your recumbent to your specific health needs. Cycology Bike Shop can make your custom recumbent that much more special!

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